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Welcome to the web site of Lutterworth Sunbeds your first choice for top quality Home use Sunbeds at great internet prices and with FREE delivery (UK mainland). We have Fast Tan Canopy Sunbeds, Double Sunbeds & the very latest Vertical walk in Sunbeds so that you can get a great tan and enjoy all year round tanning in the comfort of your own home. Now there really is no need to go to the Tanning Salon! Our superior quality home Solariums will help you achieve your perfect suntan.


Elite Single Canopy Sunbed for SaleSingle Canopy Sunbeds

The attractive modern design of the Elite Canopy Sunbed make it your first choice if you are looking at a space saving option. This is our top of the range Canopy Sunbed which can be used vertically or tilted horizontally to fit over your own bed. Manufactured from the latest technology composite materials (Acrylic Capped A.S.A plastic and UPVC). Its curved design helps tan more of your sides to promote a more even tan. Available either with or without 4 facial boost tubes. Fitted with the very latest 0.3 compliant Super Tanning Tubes! Please click image for more info and full spec.


Facial tube options


Elite Double Sunbeds for saleDouble Sunbeds

The Elite 18 tube Double Sunbed is our top of the range Double Sunbed which has an ultra modern design and truly is the ultimate Home use Sunbed. Fitted with the very latest 0.3 compliant Super Tanning Tubes!

Please click image for more info and full spec.


VT20 Sunbeds for Sale or Home HireVT20 Vertical Sunbeds

The VT20 is a sophisticated 20 tube domestic Vertical Tanning Unit designed specifically for home use. The design incorporates an all metal rigid construction with a hygienic white enamel finish. A host of unique features are included as standard to make the VT20 the ultimate domestic Vertical Sunbed bringing Salon Tanning Power into your home!. The integral body breeze unit and fully hinged door ensure total surround full body tanning with no white bits! The close proximity tanning area can be adjusted to suit the customer requirements. Fitted with the very latest 0.3 compliant Super Tanning Tubes! Please click image for more info and full spec.


Colour options


VX240 Vertical Sunbeds for sale or home hireVX240 Vertical Sunbeds

The VX 240 is our ultra modern Top of the range domestic Vertical Tanning Unit. Designed to maximize full body coverage and the 24 x 0.3 compliant Salon Strength tubes produce outstanding tanning results. The new ergonomic shape promotes customer comfort and exceptional performance. The rigid all metal construction incorporates a host of unique features for optimal reliability. These Vertical Tanning Units are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality components and wherever possible comply with the latest British and European standards. Please click image for more info and full spec.


Colour options

Collagen Light Therapy Canopies for saleCollagen Light Therapy Canopies

A stylish high strength 160watt 9 tube curved foldaway unit fitted with high power Red Light Collagen Light Therapy Tubes and a 4 tube facial booster. The tubes are protected with a full acrylic safety screen.

A superb full body Collagen Light Therapy Unit suitable for either home use or as a good start up unit for a beautician looking to get started in the profitable business of Collagen Therapy treatment. These units are manufactured using only the highest quality components. Please click image for more info and full spec.


Stand options

Collagen Double Sunbed for saleCollagen Light Therapy Doubles

A stylish 18 tube curved Double Unit which runs off a standard 13 amp plug. Fitted with high power 160/100watt red light tubes and a 4 tube facial boost. Both the top and bottom are fan cooled for greater comfort and efficiency. Please click image for more info and full spec.

160watt tubes in the canopy ~ 100watt tubes in the base 


Collagen Light Therapy Vertical UnitCollagen Light Therapy Verticals

A stylish high strength 160watt 20 tube Vertical Collagen Therapy Unit. Fitted with customer controlled internal "Body Breeze Fans". Runs off normal 13amp household electrical supply (2 x 13amp plugs) so ideal for home use.

A superb 20 tube walk in Vertical Collagen Therapy Unit suitable for either home use or a good start up unit for a beautician looking to get started in the profitable business of Collagen Therapy. A BRAND NEW unit with a full 12 months (RTB at CV6 4AB) Guarantee. Please click image for more info and full spec. 


Sunbed Goggles for SaleSunbed Goggles & Creams

Solartan Elasticated Goggles £4.99


Please click picture for a selection of Sunbed Creams, Lotions and accessories.

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